3D Animator

SS24 Lunar New Year Release Visuals. 
Recieving over 1.7M views collectively on Instagram

Animations and Still developed for Lunar New Year  Limited Edition Collection release on instagram and Ecommerce.
Responsible for concept, compositions, modelling and animation.

Britney, Betty and Linda.
AW23 Product highlight for social media and website.

Britney, Betty and Linda bags. Responsible for creating concept, composition and animations for social media and

Zeon Pendant Watch social media posts for Vivienne Westwood,
recieving over 5M views on Instagram

3D Modelled and textured ‘Zeon Pendant Watch’ from scratch to specifications as well as assisted in animating for final post.


AW23 VFX Project. Social media post reached 240,000+ likes and recieved over 3 million views on Instagram.

Used knowledge of VFX Methods to create social media posts on a short deadline. Implemented this method into the VW Workflow. Responsible for modeling, tracking, lighting and animation.


3D modelled ‘Mini-Bas Orb’ pendant and pearls. Responsible for modeling, lighting, texturing and animation.

Assisted in lighting, texturing and animating ‘Diamante Heart’ Pendant as well as chain.

Responsible for creating still image of both necklaces together.

Minibas and Diamante Heart Pendant’s,
CGI still made as part of AW23