Ghost Notes


Texturing, Modelling, Animation, Social media.

‘Studies Vol.1’ is the first instalment in the new compilation series on Ghost Notes Worldwide®️, showcasing the breadth of sounds that the label and its global network has to offer.
As well as following the developments of label regulars Impey, O-Dessa, Nicky Soft Touch, and Iman Houssein, the compilation serves as a debut for the extended GNW®️ family – many of whom have forthcoming solo projects on the imprint.
The compilation encapsulates a time before the pandemic, embodying the universal spirit of club culture and its counterparts.

Product showcase & promo for record label ‘GHOST NOTES WORLDWIDE®’.
Texturing + 3D animation based on 2D Mock-ups

Limited edition casette available here.

Detailed texturing paired with
rigid body dynamic simulation as part of mixtape release.

Texture maps created in Substance Painter