Website Design with UI and

Front-End Development

Worked at “Beyondverselab” - a digital fashion company, hired as it’s first employee and as ‘Digital Innovator’. Designed and created website on wordpress and developed renders for site. Developed and delivered AR filters for clients such as Primark and New-Look. Created to-measure avatars/characters for fitting and production purposes. Created VR showrooms for buying presentations. Responsible for creating content for a ‘digital influencer’ on a short lead-time. homepage
Created on Semplice and Wordpress

Virtual Showroom

Created Virtual Reality showroom featuring interactive simulated garments of company designs. Playable level in Unreal Engine 5 and Virtual Reality. Design allows for quick customization to tailor experience to different clients and briefs.

Screenshots from custom
VR showroom template

Company VR showroom template
VR showroom adapted for client presentation

Digital Marketing

One of the goals of the Beyondverselab was to harness the power of 3D technology to help create fun and engaging experiences for consumers and businesses when it comes to marketing.
In the context of fashion we did this by creating renders from our clients clothing samples and giving them life and depth through animation, allowing us to extend the story of our collections past the physical garment.
These kind of projects varied in their uses from social media posts to window displays and to board meetings for our clients.

Virtual Influencer

Beyondverselab was interested in turning one of their employee's into a digital influencer as a bit of an experiment to see how people recieve and engage with a slightly fashion focussed entity that is completely virtual.
Under the guidance of management and our social media manager I was responsible for creating content relevant to briefs for our influencer named 'Menzo'. This process included character creation, garment creation in Clo3D, animation and motion capture as well as lighting and framing on a short lead time to achieve their desired result.

‘Menzo’s Instagram feed, intended to follow a subtly evolving colour palette.

Ported our virtual influencer pipeline into Unreal Engine 5 - Creating an upgraded version of our character using Metahumans. Rigged and sorted blueprints on our metahuman allowing us to create content using a rokoko motion capture suit. Created pipeline for in-engine simulated garments to be used on our influencer as well as in interactive experiences.